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Delivering Value by Preserving the Magic Sauce

We are not an asset-stripping, cost-minimising private equity group. Nor are we a large corporate who will impose its own culture, people and processes. Our ethos is to build a network of already-successful, independent businesses around the country who share resources and best practices across the group. But ultimately who continue to operate as independent entities.

Every business is different and each owner has their own unique goals. We work with you to find the right outcome for you, your business and your team.

When an owner-manager leaves the business, we initially look to promote from within. When that is not possible, we hire externally, with a suitable transition period.

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Our track record

Jag Express

Jag Express is a specialist courier based in Cambridge, established for over 20 years. During this time, Jag has built a strong reputation for excellent customer service for same- and next-day shipments including medical, biotech, hazardous goods, international and events to name but a few.

Since joining the Viso Logistics network, sales have increased by 40%.

Read more about Jag Express in our deal announcement.

A Really Cool Company

ARCC ("A Really Cool Company") is a leading temperature-controlled specialist logistics company based in Yorkshire. The company offers frozen, chilled and ambient transportation and storage to a loyal customer base primarily in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Within first 60-days of acquisition, a new website was built and launched (with a reduction in hosting costs), new back-office tech stack was integrated and a Search Engine Marketing strategy was developed with the incumbent owner.

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A fresh start

We provide exit solutions for business owners looking to retire, leave the industry or shift their focus onto new endeavours. We acquire profitable, specialised logistics businesses of all sizes.

Some of the benefits in selling to us include:


Businesses are not built in a day. We are keen to ensure that the brand, people, culture and processes that have made your business successful stay in place.

Financial Stability

We are independently owned and backed by an international investment fund. Which means we can move fast and with certainty.

Smooth Process

Through our 20-year deal experience, we know to focus only on the essentials during due diligence. We work with you to ensure the process is stress-free.

A skilled team to drive success

Our team has held leadership roles at CitySprint and at global finance institutions. We bring expertise across operations, marketing and digital transformation.

Alexi Jones

Managing Director
Tech CEO with 2x exits. Ex EY, Credit Suisse.

Chris Mander

Operations Director
20+ years logistics management experience

Jerrica Tomlinson

Marketing Director
Former Head of Marketing at CitySprint

Graham McNicholl

Finance Director
Ex-EY, with 17 years in M&A and finance

Anjum Banaras

15 years' experience building complex B2B software

Gerard Keenan

Senior Advisor

Former Group CFO, CitySprint

Our post-acquisition integration process


We offer customers access to a growing national network, share best practice, provide best-in-class sales, marketing and tech, and implement a sharp Finance function.

Your 'magic sauce'

Our goal is to preserve your 'magic sauce'. This means while we make efficiency gains with tech and processes, we keep the same team and culture.

Careful owner

We are not a large corporate who will impose processes, people and culture on your business. We are not in this for a 'quick flip' - Viso are in this for the long-term


Viso optimises group-wide utilisation and tree planting through our partnership with Ecomatcher to ensure your carbon footprint is lower under Viso ownership.