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We are not an asset-stripping, cost-minimising private equity group. Nor are we a large corporate who will impose its own culture and processes. Our ethos is to build a network of already-successful, independent businesses around the country who share resources and best practices across the group. But ultimately who continue to operate as independent entities.

When an owner-manager leaves the business, we initially look to promote from within. When that is not possible, we hire externally, with a suitable transition period.

Would you like to explore the sale of your business?

Jag Express

Jag Express is a specialist courier based in Cambridge, established for over 20 years. During this time, Jag has built a strong reputation for excellent customer service for same- and next-day shipments including medical, biotech, hazardous goods, international and events to name but a few. Read more about Jag Express in our deal announcement.

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We provide exit solutions for business owners looking to retire or leaving the industry. We acquire profitable UK-based courier and logistics  businesses only.

Some of the benefits in selling to us:


Businesses are not built in a day. We are keen to ensure that the brand, people, culture and processes that have made your business successful stay in place.

Financial Stability

Funding is assured from a mix of our own funds and our trusted financing partners.

Quick Process

Through our extensive deal experience, we ensure that your attention is not distracted during the sales process.

Our team has held leadership roles at firms such as Citysprint and Royal Mail and bring expertise across operations, marketing and digital transformation.

Alexi Jones

Managing Director

Jerrica Tomlinson

Marketing Director

Ben Salter

Finance Director

Gerard Keenan

Senior Advisor

Chris Mander

Technical Advisor